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This is my spiritual journey. I am looking for the truth of who I am and who God is, unfettered by the traditions prescribed by my family, church and culture.

25 February 2008

'I found God in myself and I loved her fiercely.'

Ntozake Shange

Monday, February 11, 2008

Courage and Beauty

This image of the Buddhist monks kneeling down before the soldiers was taken from the facebook group 'Support the monk's protest in Burma' sponsored by The Burma Campaign UK. The following comment was added beneath it:

they are also praying for the soldier...if i know burmese monks well enough. they are giving their good karmas to them and in some way forgiving them for what they are doing / going to do. all burmese buddhist still believe everyone is good in some way. and the monks are better and kinder at showing their kindness - regardless of who they may be.

There are other graphic and disturbing images of what happened to these monks... but this photo stayed with me forever. I have never witnessed such courage, such beauty. I wish I had what they have. I would like to go ask them.

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