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25 February 2008

'I found God in myself and I loved her fiercely.'

Ntozake Shange

Friday, April 11, 2008


The Great Lie that Jesus came to free us from, has, ironically, been perpetuated by Christianity.

The lie is this: You are separate from God. Therefore, if you want to be like God, you must do something.

The tempter in the garden was the first, then there were the Pharisees, then there is the modern day Christian Church.

This is their 'Good News': You are cut off from God because of your sin. Because of this, you deserve to die. However, because someone died in your place, all you have to do is follow the One who died, and you will be re-united with God.

Then men come along and tell you their interpretation of the One who died, what he said and did, what he meant, and what 'following Him' entails.

This is not Good News! This is exchanging one death sentence for another.

Jesus did not say 'because of my faith/sacrafice, you are healed.'

No! He said: 'because of your faith you are healed.' (Luke 18:42, 8:48 etc)

Jesus said: 'God said to certain leaders of the people, I say you are gods!...those people, who recieved God's message, were called gods.' (John 10:34-35 NLT)

Jesus' life and death demonstrated that we are one with God throughout our life and death.

His purpose wasn't to die. His purpose was to show us how we can live, even after death.

God's presence was always accessible to all- even before Jesus' death. (Moses, David etc)

We don't have to 'invite God in.' We have to realise God has always been there.

Jesus didn't 'make us right with God.' He reminded us we are gods. (Psalm 82:6)

He wasn't the Great Exception. He was the Great Example.

This is the Good News.


The separation is a lie. It's the TRUTH that sets us free, not the sacrafice.

Anyone who knows the TRUTH knows God. That is why Jesus said He was the way. Not because it is an elitist system whereby only Christians can know God. But because those who know God, know the Truth. Because we are in God and God is in us, just as God is in Jesus and vice versa. We are all one. If you know God, you know everyone who is in God. We recognise each other by our fruits (Luke 6:43) not by our fish stickers or WWJD bracelets.

Then when we know, there is NO NEED for a priest, a minister, a church, or even a Holy Book. These are external things that detract us from the SOURCE, who is within us.

We need only to quieten our minds to listen to it. Then it doesn't matter what anyone else says, or how they interpret what is right or wrong. Because we are gods.

If only we knew it.

Ultimately it is fear of surrender, of dying to our false identity that holds us back. We think we are our sin- and we think that sin is an object. It is BELIEVING that our sin has cut us off from God that separates us, not the sin itself!

Sin is merely an action that causes an undesirable effect in our lives. If we only knew the truth about ourselves. The part of us that is TRULY us, is the part that has no sin, no separation from God. If we acknowledged that, we would know that we only sin when we move out of that 'knowing.'

If I remain, abide, in that state of realisation, as Jesus told us to (John 15:4) we would never sin! And all the residue of our past sin would evaporate. In the East, permanently abiding in this state of awareness is called 'enlightenment.'

Even before we reach permanent enlightenment, when we do stray from the truth, and thereby sin, all we have to do is REMEMBER WHO WE ARE and get right back to that awareness again. Don't be guilty, don't make penance through self-punishment. Just ABIDE, ABIDE, ABIDE!!

If I am part of God, I need not fear. I always was and always will be. I do not need to act. And if I do, it will be GOOD actions.

NO ONE can tell you how to act. When you are enlightened, you may do things that even appear to contradict Jesus' message of 'turn the other cheek.' When Jesus went into the temple with a whip, did he look like he was 'turning the other cheek?'

He must have scared the pants off them! And everyone who knew the scriptures (Pharisees) thought he was always flaunting them! But it didn't matter.

Because HE KNEW he was God, and he answered to NOBODY BUT HIMSELF.

So when you know God, you will answer to no-one else. Things you say and do may shock Christians. You may appear to be a heathen. But only those who are also enlightened, will know. They will not judge. They will simply see your fruits- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control. The rest doesn't matter.


God is not on my side. God is on OUR side.

God cannot be found in Christianity, Islam, Paganism. God can only be found in YOU.

Just shut up and listen to Her! (Or Him, if you like.)

You will never be the same. Once you've tasted it, YOU CAN'T GO BACK!!

'The last obstacle, is believing there is an obstacle.'


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